The Absorbance 96 is a uniquely designed microplate reader for assays in 96-well format. By far the most compact plate reader on the market, the footprint of the reader is almost as small as the plate itself. Convinced by this entirely new design, the judges at the SLAS Conference 2019 recognized the innovativeness of the device and awarded the Absorbance 96 with the New Product Award. Despite its form, the Absorbance 96 plate reader delivers precise and accurate results at an affordable price. Together with the Byonoy proprietary software, the Absorbance 96 is ideal for a variety of applications, extending from ELISA assays to protein and cell-based assays. 


Main features and benefits of the Absorbance 96 plate reader:

  • Space-saving design
  • Fast readout speed
  • Reliable measurement results  
  • Intuitive operation
  • Maintenance-free
  • Affordable price


Most Compact Plate Reader

Innovative Compactness


Our technological solution enables us to build the Absorbance 96 plate reader in a unique compactness, with a footprint of about one microplate. Our vision was to develop a plate reader that meets the needs of the user and gives him the advantages of complete flexibility. The Absorbance 96 fits into any lab and saves valuable bench space. It can be easily transported within the laboratory and also between different laboratories. This makes it  the perfect analytic tool for those, who want to explore new possibilities.

Incomparable flexibility


Our goal was to develop a plate reader that would simplify the workflow in the laboratory. This philosophy of intuitive operation was translated into the Absorbance 96. The unique open design, in combination with the small size of the reader, leads to an entirely new user experience. A simple USB connection provides both the power supply and access to Byonoy’s user-control software, which itself functions via plug-and-play technology. The Absorbance 96 fits into every lab, saving bench space and providing unprecedented flexibility.

Revolutionary Engineering


The Absorbance 96 is the first microplate reader on the market to contain 96 individual detection units. This means that all wells can be read simultaneously allowing for extremely fast photometric measurements. Without the need to scan across multiple wells, the Absorbance 96 has no moving parts. In combination with long-life LEDs, this solid-state design provides a maintenance-free user experience and ensures reliable, high quality results.




The Absorbance 96 is not only a perfect ELISA reader but allows to read out of wide range of applications. The following examples are some of the most important applications for the Absorbance 96 plate readers:

  • ELISA assays
  • Protein quantification assays
  • Cell-based assays, e.g. Cytotoxicity assays
  • Endpoint and kinetic assays




The Absorbance 96 is the first plate reader to implement a setup with 96 detection units. This innovative technological system operates without scanning mechanics and is free of maintenance requirements. Beyond that, the 96 detection units allow the device to measure 96 wells in parallel, thereby enabling accurate and fast photometric measurements.



  • 96 detection units for fast reading
  • No scanning mechanics, no maintenance requirements
  • Four-channel LED-optics
  • No lamp changes needed due to long-life LEDs
  • Two year warranty

The four standard filters – 405, 450, 492, 620 nm – make the Absorbance 96 the perfekt ELISA reader for a wide variety of ELISA assays such as PNPP, ABTS, OPD and TMB. Other filter combinations for protein assays (Bradford or BCA), cell-based assays (MTT, XTT), or cell density assays can also be provided.


Detection method


Detection mode

Endpoint, kinetic

Microplate types 96-well microplates
Software Byonoy software for external computer control
Light source 4 x LED
Detector 96 x Photodiode
Wavelength selection Standard combination: 405, 450, 492, 620 nm (FWHM 10 nm)
Other filter combinations in the range of 400-650 nm possible.
Photometric range 0.0-4.0 OD
Linearity 1.0% from 0.0-2.0 OD; 1.5% from 2.0-3.0 OD
Accuracy 1.0% + 0.010 from 0.0-2.0 OD; 1.5% + 0.010 from 2.0-3.0 OD
Reproducibility 0.5% + 0.005 from 0.0-2.0 OD; 1,0% + 0.010 from 2.0-3.0 OD
Resolution 0.001 OD
Read time Down to 2 sec at single wavelength
Data output USB 2.0 interface with PC 
Physical characteristics  
Dimensions 9,6 x 15,4 x 5,5 cm (W x L x H)
Weight 0.9 kg
Power Through USB connection 5V
Power consumption 2.5 Watts
CE marked, IVD coming 2020  
Absorbance 96 Brochure.pdf
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