Absorbance 96

a new category of plate reader

ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96SLAS New Product Award

The vision behind the Absorbance 96 was to give the user complete flexibility. The result is a uniquely designed, solid state microplate reader with 96 detection units.

Being portable and by far the most compact reader on the market, the Absorbance 96 constitutes an exciting new category of plate reader.

The World’s Most Compact Plate Reader

One of the main ideas behind the Absorbance 96 is to simplify the workflow in the laboratory. The small size of the reader, in combination with the unique open design, leads to an entirely new user experience. A simple USB connection provides both the power supply and access to the analysis software via plug-and-play. The footprint of the Absorbance 96 is almost as small as the microplate itself, thereby fitting into every lab, saving valuable bench space and providing unprecedented flexibility.

ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96Plug & Play
ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96USB-Connection
ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96

Take the lab into your hands

The Absorbance 96 is the only truly portable plate reader in the world. Easily transported within or between different laboratories, the Absorbance 96 brings readout to your workspace. Its robust design and USB power supply also make it the perfect tool for field use and mobile laboratories. 

0.9 kgWeight
5 cmHeight
9 cmWidth
14.5 cmLength
7 x smallerthan the smallest comparable reader

Maintenance-free Solid State Design

ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96

The Absorbance 96 is the first microplate reader on the market to contain 96 individual detection units. This technology enables simultaneous signal detection, resulting in extremely fast photometric measurements.

Without the need to scan across multiple wells, the Absorbance 96 requires no moving parts. In combination with long-life LEDs, the solid-state technology provides a maintenance-free user experience and ensures reliable, high quality results.

96Detection units
5 sec.Read time capability
ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96
ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96
ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96
ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96
ELISA Reader – Absorbance 96

Engineering in Action


Protein assays - Bradford, BCA, Lowry

Cell-based assays - MTT, XTT, Cell density

Despite its compact form, the Absorbance 96 delivers precise and accurate results at an affordable price. Its portability enables on-site readout, eliminating the need for sample transport. A range of 405-650 nm allows for a wide variety of wavelength combinations for both endpoint and kinetic assays.

No matter where the lab takes you

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